. . . when a DJ on a local station in Perth can ask, and then press the question, to the Prime Minister of Australia, about whether her partner is gay.

The question would certainly be based on no more evidence than the fact that Tim Matheson is a hair dresser, and that he is “living in sin” with the Prime Minister rather than their being married. Plus, he is a quiet reserved guy that certainly won’t defend himself, given how much he is likely to care for his partner and her career. Makes me wonder.

See, back when I was in the US Army, and came to realise thousands of miles from my birthplace, in a setting selected at random based on a date, that I was actually a shitload more intelligent than some of the people giving me orders, a wise sergeant said to me, “Son, I know he’s a douchebag, but you are saluting the uniform and the rank, if not the man.”

And that is really the point is it not, that by going there, a man who has no respect for a woman, or a prime minister because of her party affiliation (or both, who knows), is willing to attack her like that in public because he isn’t even willing to show respect for the office. He’s a dick with a microphone, and without a shred of proof is willing to smear with rumour a hard working woman and her defenceless partner. What a cunt.

I suppose then that means that a man I believe to be my intellectual inferior, with demonstrably bad views on government policy, culture, ethics and theology could be questioned as such when he is prime minister. Shouldn’t I, based on the factual evidence available, be able to ask Tony Abbot, and then press him on the matter, “Tony, when were you first anally penetrated by one of the priests that you have been in the care and custody of many times in your young life? No, come on Tony, we all know it happened, just based on statistical evidence, and let’s face it, you act like a man who has been fucked in the arse before, so tell me, when was the first time?”

I’d be willing to take the jab that I would expect coming if I had the opportunity to do ask Tony that in public, but you know what, I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do it out of resect for the office he held and the fact that he has worked his whole life in a career I hate, but none the less respect someone’s need to do it, and I am not a publicity seeking radio whore in a small market on a small station with a very small mind.

PS: in tagging this article, 6PR’s dickhead doesn’t even get a “evil motherfucker” because he isn’t smart enough to qualify.