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Views On The Shape Of The World Differ

That’s the headline in the mainstream media when some complete nutbag wants to claim the earth is flat and they are heavily committed to providing “balance” to every conflict. In that environment, we get the current slide toward anti-science positions around the world, and the fact that the number of people questioning climate change is actually going up in stupider countries {cough, cough, USA, cough}.

So, we now are at the point where there is no way we are going to stave off the inevitable, and those on the side of empirical evidence and scientific theory probably ought to just focus on zombie plans, according to the latest UN Report on Climate Change.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect that effort to go much better. Sorensen has is spot on, I reckon . . .

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A regular dude

You gotta love it when Krugman quotes David Bowie songs, and has intimate knowledge on zombies. Like making sure you use the double-tap.

We have a winner!

It took a while, by my buddy Otto finally brought in the first of what I expect to see a lot more of in the next 10 years provided I keep compiling them.

Check out this excellent article from Mike Tidwell on his zombie plan. Then look up some of his other very good stuff.

Introducing zombie plans

I was reflecting this morning again on the stakes of something like this meeting at Copenhagen, and it requires a new category, so I have added one, and this explanation.

I have been working in my field now for 22 years, and for the first time, I am seriously considering giving up trying to do the most good in my work, which I would consider to be avoiding and reversing the worst of our environmental impacts upon the earth, and ourselves. Instead, if there is no substantive, and at least possibly enforceable agreement at Copenhagen on things like emissions caps, rate caps, compensation for previous damage/cap take-up, and liability for future claims, then perhaps we should quit attempting to do any good along that path.

Perhaps, instead, we should focus on building and implementing the best “zombie plans”. Not for real zombies initially, of course, but rather to deal with those possible outcomes with respect to climate change that will hurt and possibly kill us. Then when the real zombies start showing up, we will use our experience dealing with our climate zombies dealing with the flesh eating ones.

It will involve swallowing my pride professionally, since I do believe we can prevent the worst of climate change, but even the most altruistic amongst us (and I am certainly not that) would quit beating his head against a wall and shift over to working pretty much fully on mitigation plans with respect to the new climate.

So, I will tag all my zombie plans here, and feel free to add your own in comments. All ideas accepted for evaluation without fear or favour.

First thing up, I am going to need to tap into some of these good computer models, and select a swath of land that is near enough the coast to be beach front in 20 years, and not burn down easily, or get knocked out by tsunamis. Then, I buy a bunch of that property cheap, keep the most defensible for myself, and flog off the rest at a significant profit to other rich people I can find to sell them to, coupled with a decent zombie plan that does not compromise my own.