What is this? This is the uncensored list of articles published on the web log, or “blog” of William Thiel of An Meá. It includes all of the original articles that are published on the blog hosted from my company’s site (the An Meá blog The Gas Factory), some of which are eliminated from publication there by the administrator. I also publish here other articles I write that have nothing to do with climate change, and would therefore not be appropriate to post the The Gas Factory

Who is Willam Thiel (Sgt Hulka) and why would I care what he thinks? I am a professional chemical and environmental engineer (MIEAust, CPEng in Australia, and registered PE in the USA) with more than 20 years of experience internationally. My profile can be viewed here, and my full CV is available upon request to info@anmea.com. I have been working on emissions inventories, polluting process optimisation, emissions reduction technologies, other engineering and risk management, etc., for my entire career and have been involved in the discussion on the subject of climate change with government and industry since 1999. So, while my opinion is not necessarily worth anything to you, I have some paper that says I know some stuff and I have been involved in the nuts and bolts of the related subject matter since I started working in my profession.

I also grew up as a Yank. So, I have that early life experience, and due to my participation in the US military prior to my immigration to Australia, I got the delta tao chi name Sgt Hulka. I sound like a yank, or maybe a canuck, and I don’t typically need to work with a microphone. Because of this, my few Australian detractors have on occasion attempted to attack me on the basis of them being much more Australian than me. If you want to apply for the position of detractor, and you are qualified to do so, I encourage you to attack me on this basis as well.

How does the blog work? I will endeavour to provide some currently relevant facts or comments in relation to climate change or other subject I find important at least once a week. I will also answer questions posed on the blog where a question is not posed anonymously. I will at all times make every attempt to identify and differentiate facts (which will be referenced, or identified in a manner that can be independently verified) from opinion, (that will typically be identified as such, or proceeded with words such as “I think”. I try to be concise, but this isn’t meant to be a tweet, so you should try to stick with me as I make a point. I will also attempt to avoid playing the man instead of playing the ball and dropping f-bombs regularly, but can’t make any absolute promises on the latter points, as long as idiots such as Senator Steve Fielding exist and are given significant media attention that demand very strongly worded responses not currently provided to them. In what will become the immortal online words of Bryan Lambert, “I use the word that fits best. Sometimes that word is ‘asymptotic’. Sometimes that word is ‘fuckhole’”