OK, in the vein of, “We’re going to be winning so much, you’ll get tired of winning” (May 26, 2016); now that we are all in this together with you as my Pr*sident, Mr. Trump, I’m prepared to get on board.

I’m pretty happy with the wins so far, from my perspective with you driving the ship of state, that’s:

• Muslim ban 0-2 in its battle with the constitution. A clear win
• Repeal the Affordable Care Act 0-1 (which I for one will now START calling Obamacare, in homage to a guy who was competent enough to at least get half a shit sandwich passed)
• Expose Paul Ryan as not brilliant and also not competent at his job, a bonus win
• Expose Devin Nunan as complicit and incompetent, and shifting the situation closer to a special prosecutor appointment

So, can I have some more winning, please. Can I have a win in 100% of all Senate Democrats voting “no” to Gorsuch, and “no” to any other Supreme Court nominee, with the exception of M. Garland, who was duly selected by a President a year before leaving office. If there is no vote on Garland, then vote “no” until such time as the next Democratic President is elected to make another nomination. There is no rule that the Supreme Court is required to be filled by 9 justices, and I for one am happy to take the win as leaving it open for now. Now, the Republicans make threaten to go ‘nuclear’ on this and any other appointments going forward, I’m not cool with that. But hey, as indicated above, I’m very interested in seeing the rules applied, so I will be satisfied that the Democrats will carry on any tradition set by the Republican Senate with regard to rule changes.

We need some more wins more quickly, Mr. Trump, because we need the Big Win (your removal from office) to occur soon to prevent more of the serious losses that we are bit quiet about, but are real problems for the US, like:

• Repealing rules that required companies to report their bribery overseas
• Signing a bill that allows mining companies to once-again dump their waste into streams and rivers
• Your appointments across the board who will either waste money or destroy their departments
• Every day that R. Tillerson, S. Gorka, J. Sessions and S. Bannon spend in their positions doing damage to US credibility at home and abroad


An unfortunate constituent