. . . crash! That’s how it happens. Did you see the Greenland melt this summer? Pretty impressive if you are into seeing rapid change. Things just creep along for a while, and you see smartarse climate deniers on the intertubes or fat box mouthing off about how one hard winter in NY (where that has happened pretty periodically since the ice age) is the proof that “global warming doesn’t exist, because its snowing in NY.” Then you start to see irrefutable shifts, like when water starts to boil after a long slow heating.

Where are those blow hards this summer, where something like 42,000 individual records for high temperatures have been recorded across the USA? Yeah, and I wasn’t doing it either, because I have the brains to know that an individual weather event does not mean anything in isolation. However, a statistically significant trend is another matter altogether. Check out the second video in this recent release from NASA.

I also notice one of the Koch brothers’ paid researchers has spent their money, did the additional research he proposed, and found precisely what has been reported by the IPCC is not only in fact true, but supported with additional weight by his research.

The only question that remains to be answered is, will the yanks actually wait until things are way to far gone to take any action, or can they still make a difference. Based on the rate of change it appears we may now be seeing, I guess I bet on the former.

But I’m a confirmed cynic.