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Rants at 140 per go

Hey, for anyone following out there, I also want to let you know that I have also setup a twitter account – @willthiel (because some SOB had already taken SgtHulka).

So, when I don’t have time to do a nice full considered and researched rant, I can always have a mini spew of up to 140 characters.

Most of the first have to do with the BP leak, as I am paying quite a bit of attention to that recently.

Climate Change For The Lazy

So, I once again have found myself pretty busy at work and have not been able to post as much as I like. However, today I have come across something worth sharing. I get in trouble with the censors if I play the man instead of the ball, so I won’t. But I will point out a phenomenally good evisceration of one of the most entertaining of the climate change deniers, Christopher Monkton, Lord Somethingorother.

Professor John Abraham from the university of St. Thomas, Minnesota has done a particularly good job of examining every claim made by Chris Monkton, including getting in contact with every one of his named sources to confirm with them if the references used are both technically accurate and also whether they accurately represent the position that the source cited intended to make in context.

“The number of errors Chris Monckton makes is so enormous it would take a thesis to go through every single one of them.” So then he basically does present what would be a thesis paper on the multiple ways in which untruths and misrepresentations can be passed off as “fact” by a good showman.

The presentation is excellent, and I do mean presentation, since he has posted it in Powerpoint form with voice over. If you have 83 minutes, I would give it a listen and then do what I always encourage people to do – look into the issue yourself with the references provided. That is, unless you are so lazy you can’t even listen.